"Beyond Reasonable Doubt:
The Warren Report And
Lee Harvey Oswald's Guilt
And Motive 50 Years On"

The assassination of President John F. Kennedy on November 22, 1963, is one of the most studied and most controversial events in the history of the world. It was a pivotal and life–changing event for many people around the globe.

Ever since the President was killed on the streets of Dallas, Texas, rumors of conspiracy, cover–up, witness coercion, altered evidence, hidden assassins, corrupt and dishonest governmental and police officials, and a host of other rumors and speculation about President Kennedy's murder have flourished and grown to monumental proportions.

Regardless of how much evidence is presented which indicates Lee Harvey Oswald's guilt in the two murders he was charged with committing in Dallas on November 22, 1963, the members of the Anybody But Oswald club will find some way to disregard that evidence. They will merely claim that all of the evidence against Oswald (and there's a great deal of it, as this book will show) has been planted, faked, manipulated, or manufactured in order to frame the 24–year–old ex–Marine named Oswald for the murders of both John F. Kennedy and Dallas policeman J.D. Tippit.

As will be shown in many places throughout this book, President Kennedy's assassination has been falsely shrouded in mystery and cloaked within a web of perceived "conspiracy" for fifty years. But the contents of this book will demonstrate that Lee Harvey Oswald murdered President John Fitzgerald Kennedy and will also demonstrate that conspiracy very likely played no part in Oswald's actions on that terrible Friday in Dallas back in 1963.

David Von Pein
March/April 2013


















APPENDIX 1 -- Additional Controversial Issues Surrounding The JFK Assassination by David Von Pein

APPENDIX 2 -- Replication Of The HSCA Weiss & Aschkenasy Acoustic Analysis by Michael O'Dell


Total Page Count: 471.




"Beyond Reasonable Doubt" (2014) is partly a rewrite of Mel Ayton's previous JFK book published in 2002 ("The JFK Assassination: Dispelling The Myths").

Mel wants this revised and updated volume to be looked upon as an alternate (and more compact) "Lone Assassin" source to Vincent Bugliosi's much bigger book, "Reclaiming History".

I was somewhat disappointed that some of the things I originally submitted had to be cut out of the book, and I'm not happy at all about the fact there's no index (more about that here), but I'm just thrilled that someone like Mel Ayton wanted me to add my two cents to his manuscript. For that, I am deeply grateful.

There is only one factual error that I noticed in the book--and it's a very minor error that appears in a caption attached to one of the pictures in the photo section. (And, wouldn't you know it, that is the one and only section of the book that I was unable to proofread before it went to press.)

The incorrect caption concerns the photograph taken by Jack Beers in the basement of the Dallas police station as Jack Ruby was shooting Lee Harvey Oswald. The inaccurate caption says that the photo is the prize-winning picture taken by Robert Jackson. But it's really the Beers image. Hopefully, there won't be too many conspiracy theorists who want to crucify Mel Ayton or myself for this captioning mistake. :-) [Related Discussion.]

EDIT: There is one particular conspiracist who seems to want my head on a platter after he noticed a passage in the BRD book that I now wish would have been phrased in a slightly different manner. I discuss it here.

David Von Pein
December 2014
January 2016
March 2016



The blurb on the back cover of the book, where it says a "clear motive" for Oswald's actions is provided in "Beyond Reasonable Doubt", is grossly overstated. And I wish like heck that that boastful blurb could have been changed before the book was printed.

I say "overstated" because Lee Oswald's motive can only be guessed at by authors. No definitive or absolute motive has ever been established or proved to explain why Oswald shot President Kennedy. We can really only take educated guesses. So any book that claims Oswald's motive was "clear" is probably overstating the situation. So that's why I wish I had been able to change that word ("clear") to "probable" on the back cover of BRD. My apologies to any readers who find that blurb to be an exaggeration....because I agree....I think it's an exaggeration too. But, rest assured, I wasn't the person who wrote that word in that blurb that appears on the book's back cover.

David Von Pein
March 9, 2015








"In my opinion, this is a very good book and one of the best resources on the Kennedy assassination I have ever read and a nice companion to "Reclaiming History" by Vincent Bugliosi and "Case Closed" by Gerald Posner. The manner in which Mr. Ayton and Mr. Von Pein present the information is very effective. .... A very useful book, very comprehensive, easy to read and well written. So, anyone interested in the Kennedy case must have a copy of this book."

— Cassio F. D. Queiros; March 15, 2016


"'Beyond Reasonable Doubt' is co-authored by two of my favourite assassination writers/commentators. For me, Ayton and Von Pein are a dream-ticket. Ayton is studious and measured, whilst Von Pein is battle-hardened and caustic. Ayton's academic credentials, allied with Von Pein's years of ferocious online exchanges with the baying masses of the Lee Harvey Oswald fan club, have come together in this outstanding book. This meeting-of-minds is the iron fist inside the velvet glove of assassination writing.

For readers who are looking for a no-nonsense introduction to a case that has been mangled and misrepresented by legions of cynics and paranoiacs for half-a-century, 'Beyond Reasonable Doubt' is an ideal starting point.

The authors begin by discussing the two main investigations into the case: the Warren Commission and the HSCA. As is to be expected, both writers give praise and criticism where it is due. There's no ducking of issues here. Mistakes were made by both investigations and there's no attempt to whitewash the errors. Ayton and Von Pein call it like it is. A pat on the back here and a kick up the rear there.

The chapters move through the gathered evidence—and there was a lot of it—which shows Oswald to have been the murderer of two men.


The chapters dealing with 'Oswald's Defenders' and the 'Usual Suspects' are particularly enjoyable. Mel and David pour scorn on the charlatans who have earned big bucks by selling lies and deceptions to the public since day one.


The bulk of the book is given over to re-examining issues that have long been resolved. Unfortunately these issues can't be put to rest because the amateur researchers seem to feel that they are better qualified than the professionals to conduct investigations and reach conclusions. The 'Miss Marple' brigade will be with us for a long time yet, it seems. Hence the need for books like 'Beyond Reasonable Doubt'.


Appendix One is a 'solo' contribution from DVP and those familiar with his outstanding blogspot will recognise the man in full flow.

Appendix Two features a highly detailed debunking of the 'acoustic evidence' written by Michael O'Dell. It's very good and it meshes well with the analyses of the CBA, James C. Bowles and Dale Myers. There never was a grassy knoll shot.

Do I like or love this book? I love it! Readers who are grounded in provable facts and common sense will love it too."

— Barry Ryder; May 8, 2015


"I found 'Beyond Reasonable Doubt' to be a very well written, easily readable book, and not simply a Warren Commission apology book. The author does not give the Warren Commission a free pass, and rightly so. Mr. Ayton does a nice job of pointing out that although the ultimate conclusion that Lee Oswald murdered Kennedy and Tippit was correct, the bureaucracies involved in the investigation were their own worst enemies in many respects, and their handling of the investigation ultimately added fuel for conspiracy theorists to pollute the JFK assassination landscape for decades. Much needed context regarding this is found in BRD.

Having David Von Pein's name attached to this book, and his contribution to BRD, is only a plus. Mr. Von Pein is one of the most knowledgeable, respected researchers/archivists around and has amassed an enormous archive of JFK-related material and blogs that is unmatched on the internet.

The contribution Michael O'Dell provides concerning his attempt to recreate the Weiss & Aschkenasy acoustic study results for the HSCA is, in my opinion, nothing short of stunning, and should be regarded as the historical standard of truth about the W&A/HSCA final conclusions of a so-called "possible conspiracy".

A welcome feature in the Kindle version of BRD are clickable links found in the Notes and Sources section as well as links to DVP's blog. This feature alone may make the Kindle version the way to go with this book.

'Beyond Reasonable Doubt' lives up to its title for 'reasonable' people who wish to learn about the assassination, and learn why many theories put forth by conspiracy theorists hopelessly fall flat under close scrutiny. Conspiracy theorists will stomp on a book like BRD, like a rhino putting out a jungle fire, but in the end BRD shows us how the conspiracy theorists have it all wrong, and always have, and beyond ALL reasonable doubt, Lee Harvey Oswald was guilty of double murder on Nov. 22, 1963. Well done."

— Michael Giampaolo; April 26, 2015


"I'm well acquainted with the vast collection DVP has amassed on the Kennedy assassination and I've read his commentary and commendable explanation that Oswald was the lone assassin of JFK. As a former conspiracy believer, I'm very familiar with the methods and tactics of those who insist Kennedy was assassinated by some form of a conspiracy.

The conspiracy theorists prey upon those who are unfamiliar with the facts of the case and play to the emotions of the uninformed. The cornerstone of their entire strategy is to unleash an avalanche of claims about what didn't happen in Dealey Plaza. If there are so many aspects of this case that make the assassination an obvious conspiracy, why can't the conspiracy advocates agree on the fundamentals of the crime?

Why do the conspiracy theorists have so many vastly different theories about where the assassins were positioned, the number of shots fired, the specific type of ammunition used and how the gunmen were able to escape Dealey Plaza completely undetected while carrying their firearms?

Even though I have not read the book yet, I'm giving it 5 stars for the following reasons:

1. I'm familiar with the work of DVP and his extremely favorable reputation precedes him and speaks for itself.

2. The negative reviews posted by the conspiracy obsessed who have spent the last 50 years contentedly contradicting one another about who planned, carried out and covered up the so-called conspiracy.

The evidence is overwhelming and ironclad: Lee Harvey Oswald was the lone assassin of JFK."

— J. P. Sullivan; March 5, 2015


"Good book that complements Vincent Bugliosi's epic Reclaiming History. Presents truthful evidence, facts and common sense that support Oswald's guilt, actions and sole responsibility for the assassination of JFK. Does not resort to speculation, misinformation and misinterpretation of facts and evidence as virtually all of the conspiracy books are known to have done. Just because it confirms the Warren Commission conclusions does not mean the authors, or readers, are dupes of the government. It just means the one truth of Oswald's sole guilt is the true answer to this case no matter how you look at it. The case was solved the first weekend it happened, nothing in 50 years has changed that fact. This book only helps confirm that."

— Allan G. Johnson; February 14, 2015


"These gents, especially Mr. Von Pein, who I had the pleasure of debating for 24 hours [HERE], are very sincere in their contention that Lee Harvey Oswald was the lone assassin of President Kennedy and the murderer of Officer Tippit. Whatever your own feelings, you can be sure that the authors have done their due diligence and are "calling it as they see it". An all around compelling read that belongs on the shelf of all assassination researchers. No matter what your personal feelings are regarding the big event - this book will be a worthwhile addition to your library."

— Bruce Alan; February 1, 2015


"Beyond Reasonable Doubt is a no nonsense look at the Kennedy assassination through the eyes of reason, logic, and just plain common sense. Mel Ayton along with David Von Pein cut through the speculation, allegations, deceit, omission of facts and b.s. that conspiracy theorists have pushed onto the American public into believing in a conspiracy.

What I really liked was the specific examples throughout the book that prove Oswald was guilty such as his "Consciousness of Guilt".

I want to say up front that for many years I believed in a conspiracy. But with recent books debunking everything I once believed, I came to the conclusion the Warren Report was correct despite the critics who think the CIA, FBI, Secret Service and everybody else's brother was involved.

It's too bad that the one-star reviews were by pro-conspiracy believers without reading the book. They are so set in their ways and refuse to consider the alternative---it's called confirmation bias."

— "A Customer"; January 24, 2015


"Mel Ayton, a distinguished historian, and David Von Pein, a no-nonsense researcher, should be attacked. Why? This book is long overdue! Nowhere is there two more knowledge[able] people when it comes to the actual facts of the JFK case than these two people. I notice the conspiracy side has attacked this book as they have all pro Oswald works on Amazon. I understand their frustration. Each pro Oswald book only confirms the known facts of the case. No hyperbole, no wild absurd interpretations of the evidence. No speculations. IOW, no lies which every conspiracy author relies on. Kudos to Ayton and Von Pein for this effort."

— Paul May; January 5, 2015